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Hey Guys Mike here with the Six Pack Shortcuts. There has been a lot of emails recently about skinny guys who want to put on some serious size and get ripped for the summer… so I made this video to go over the 3 most effective diet tips to build serious lean muscle FAST!

The first tip I talk about is the need for carbohydrates. This is probably the most overlooked tip when it comes to putting on size. Most people think that protein is what makes you big… however the truth is proteins will build muscle, but carbs are what is going to get you big fast. The body can only absorb so much protein per day, the rest will just flush through your digestive system doing literally nothing for you when it comes to getting big! So if you want to put on size fast…. Pack on the carbs!

Here are some great carb options that will help you put on size…

*White rice

*Baked Potatoes


The next 2 tips I am going to talk about is the time of day you choose to have your meals Here are the most important times to eat…

*Within 30 minutes of waking up

*45 minutes before your workout

*Immediately after your workout

*30 minutes before bed

*Try to eat one meal every 2.5 hours on average

The 3rd tip for you hard gainers is most important. Usually hard gainers dont have as big of an appetite. So you need to train yourself to eat even when you aren’t hungry. I find this gets easier when you are eating foods you really love so fill free to add a little extra sugar and sweets to your meals.

And if you’re REALLY serious about gaining muscle, watch this free video:  Click here.

I show you why I don’t ever use traditional bodybuilding or cardio routines — and why I use a crazy new style of training called “Afterburn Training” instead. It’s great because it helps you to build muscle, while also keeping you lean and ripped. This video shows you how normal guys like you can use Afterburn Training to get in killer shape:  Click here.

Until next time… TRAIN HARD!

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This guide shows you how to exercise sartorius muscle

A powerful demonstration of the best bicep exercises – with some that workout the triceps and chest too.

Wow! What a tutorial – almost no type of exercise is left out! This is really a watch and imitate experience.