[Exercises] Videos

Don’t be fooled by this ab exercise. You may not be moving while you do it, but it is guaranteed your muscles will be screaming for mercy.

Good Muscle Exercise for training Abs. Instruction: Stretch out with your back on the floor, head raised and neck relaxed. Hands supported on the quadriceps. Contract your abdomen and raise the upper part of your trunk, making sure that your hands stay firmly supported by your legs as they move forward towards the knee. Return to the starting position.

Amir Iqbal Khan is an English professional boxer. He is a former two-time world champion by winning WBA, WBA and IBF Light Welterweight titles. Watch Amir doing strength exercises with Alex Ariza.

This is a very nice collection of pull-up variations to get a your pull up workouts going.  Also included are great tips for warming up prior to your workouts.

An excellent tutorial demonstrating “done at home” complete hand strengthening. If you don’t like going to a gym – watch how to become strong in the privacy of your own home.

A powerful demonstration of the best bicep exercises – with some that workout the triceps and chest too.