[chinups] Videos

In this video I’m going to show you how to do chinups, also called underhand grip pullups. When you do these, your palms are toward your face. These are a great exercise for many reasons.

When you do chin ups, its not just your lats doing the work, its your biceps too. This has a lot of advantages. If you are a beginner who cant do an overhand grip pullup, then do chin ups untill you are strong enough to do pullups. The other great use of chin ups is a way to work your biceps when you dont have any weights available to you, because you are on vacation or because you simply cant afford them. You can get an amazing whole bodyworkout without any weights at all: pushups, pullups, chin ups, crunches, hanging windshield wipers, and walking lunges. A killer workout at vacation or at home.

Now lets talk about form, first of all, I HATE the name “chin ups”. The reason is that it puts people in the horrible mindset that they have to get their chin up above the bar. Dont try to get your chin above the bar, that causes people to do crazy and dangerous things. They kick, swing, and crane their neck like a turtle, or dislocate their neck attempting to get their chin above the bar. Just go as high as you can.

Use slow form, this is the right speed about 2s up and 2s down

Go up as high as you can but dont worry about getting chin above bar

When you go down, dont hang and relax. Dont let shoulders move up toward ears

Dave doing 18 chin-ups, perfect form in the upper body ‘hold-chin-press’ challenge on http://www.konkura.com . The challenge involves a 15kgs plate hold, maximum 1 rep bench press and maximum continuous chin-ups; it’s a great upper body workout!

Reps Gym Preston presents the ‘Hold – Press – Chin’ Challenge to keep your training focused and motivated over the Christmas period.
This is a three event challenge, the exercises are as follows:-

EVENT 1: Hold a 15kgs plate, at arms length and at chest height, for as long as possible whilst standing upright against a wall.

EVENT 2: Maximum one rep bench press. For the rep to count you must touch your chest and lock arms fully out. No assistance must be given when un-racking and re-racking the barbell.

EVENT 3: Maximum continuous chin-ups. Each rep must see your chin at least level with the bar. Arms must be completely outstretched during the downward motion.

The score is calculated as follows:-
Score = Time of plate hold (seconds) x Weight of 1 rep bench press (kgs) x No. of chin-ups.

Good safe form is a must, and video evidence required.

Take the challenge at http://www.konkura.com/challenge/?uid=26ef153b-f074-4cb9-b032-bee7cc17de5e&t=Reps+Gym+Preston+Hold+-+Press+-+Chin#details