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Check out this demo of the close-grip barbell bench press

Das Trainingsvideo zeigt die Pilates Übung “Leg Pull Front” für Ihr Mattenprogramm

Dieses Trainingsvideo zeigt die Pilates Übung “Aufrollen mit Aufrichten”, die Version des Roll Up für Fortgeschrittene

Most Comprehensive Vertical Jump Program Available

The best bodybuilding meals are the ones that are fast and simple, tasty, and contain plenty of muscle building protein. When you want food to build muscle and you dont have a lot of time to prepare it, the most convenient muscle building foods are protein rich sandwiches. In this video, natural bodybuilding expert Scott Abbett shows you how to put together a tasty one when youre busy and on the run.

The thumb exercise is an easy way to apply humor at work and is a great way to warm-up the brain before doing any type of thought-intensive activity like giving a presentation, going on an interview, or writing a proposal.

This may be one of the funniest pieces of exercise animation you have ever seen.  The question is – how hard does it make you laugh.

This is a great motivational and inspirational video: It’s a matter succeeding with 3 steps: Motivation, Inspiration, Success, be Great!

Find out what “biomechanically fit” means. Watch this interesting demonstration of sets of movements – then – why not try these out for yourselves.

Watch this collection of great inspirational movie takes – take charge of your life – and keep moving forward