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A workout you can do weekly to enhance and build your shoulder muscles. Performed by Tony Thomas. Tony Thomas Sports REV Strength System “Rise of the Superior Athlete” follow me on instagram and facebook at Tony Thomas Sports.

Lower Body Shred Workout | Level 2 from BeFit in 30 Extreme is a fierce, lower body-sculpting, strength-training workout that focuses on several major muscle groups simultaneously to burn fat, strengthen the core, and tone the legs, butt, back, arms, shoulders, chest, and abdominals using 3 high-intensity workout circuits consisting of 3 explosive exercises each with short, 30-second rest periods in between for the ultimate strength-building, calorie-blasting experience. Get ready to set your quads and glutes on fire with Fitness Expert & 30 Day 6 Pack Abs/ BeFit in 30 Extreme Trainer, Scott Herman as he teaches you to focus on proper form, breathing, and balance to maximize results in this fierce, 20-minute segment from the all new second level of the “BeFit in 30 Extreme” program, only on the BeFit Channel! Learn how to slim the waistline, shape the hips and thighs, and sculpt a firm and lifted backside as you shred the abs and tone the oblique’s with this effective workout. Scott’s upbeat and encouraging instruction will serve as an inspiration as you fight through the burn with total body-toning moves such as front squat presses, single-leg dead lifts, renegade rows, split squats, planks with rows, reverse lunges, oblique swivels, lateral hops, and sky reaches that will build endurance and lean definition. You will need a sturdy chair, a set of dumbbells, a towel, and a bottle of water to complete this rapid-fire workout that can be adjusted to fit any skill level by modifying weight, rest periods, reps, and form. Look and feel your best as you work out with the pros right from your own living room. Transform yourself with this effective, free, new system and create a stronger, leaner, and healthier new you. See below for a complete list of workout moves, time codes, and suggested reps.

Shocking lies the bodybuilding mafia and supplement cartel are telling you and how it’s preventing you from building muscle (and what to do about it)

Hey Guys Mike here with the Six Pack Shortcuts. There has been a lot of emails recently about skinny guys who want to put on some serious size and get ripped for the summer… so I made this video to go over the 3 most effective diet tips to build serious lean muscle FAST!

The first tip I talk about is the need for carbohydrates. This is probably the most overlooked tip when it comes to putting on size. Most people think that protein is what makes you big… however the truth is proteins will build muscle, but carbs are what is going to get you big fast. The body can only absorb so much protein per day, the rest will just flush through your digestive system doing literally nothing for you when it comes to getting big! So if you want to put on size fast…. Pack on the carbs!

Here are some great carb options that will help you put on size…

*White rice

*Baked Potatoes


The next 2 tips I am going to talk about is the time of day you choose to have your meals Here are the most important times to eat…

*Within 30 minutes of waking up

*45 minutes before your workout

*Immediately after your workout

*30 minutes before bed

*Try to eat one meal every 2.5 hours on average

The 3rd tip for you hard gainers is most important. Usually hard gainers dont have as big of an appetite. So you need to train yourself to eat even when you aren’t hungry. I find this gets easier when you are eating foods you really love so fill free to add a little extra sugar and sweets to your meals.

And if you’re REALLY serious about gaining muscle, watch this free video:  Click here.

I show you why I don’t ever use traditional bodybuilding or cardio routines — and why I use a crazy new style of training called “Afterburn Training” instead. It’s great because it helps you to build muscle, while also keeping you lean and ripped. This video shows you how normal guys like you can use Afterburn Training to get in killer shape:  Click here.

Until next time… TRAIN HARD!

MikeConfession: I used a “shortcut” to build muscle and get abs, this video reveals all:  Click here.

How I went form being fat to having ripped muscles. It’s Mike and today I’m going to show you my best at-home muscle building exercises. In this video you’ll learn exactly what these exercises are and how to do them properly. And since they can be all done at home, this will be a super convenient way for you to build the muscular and ripped body that women love.
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Mario and Luigi doing what they do best: freerunning.

Watch how a Parkour training sessions goes. Very interesting.

It’s Mike and I’m going to show you my top 20 exercises to build muscular legs. Many people don’t know this, but training legs can help you get six pack abs faster and build a more muscular upper body. So pay attention as we show you how to build a pair of ripped and muscular legs you’ll be proud to show off.1 old school exercise trick to build ripped muscles FAST.  Click here to get exciting details about Mike’s new training.’

Watch this great scenic compilation coupled with danger, Parkour, gymnastics, free fall, excitement, and extraordinary physical achievement.

“Just go for it. Don’t live in fear of making mistakes, accept them as being part of life’s plan for you, so learn from them and do them right.” For 28-year-old Ryan Doyle, his favorite words are, “Get Over It”, which the young Parkour athlete follows “literally”.  Doyle’s new journey stops in Dubai. Joined by Kuwaiti Parkour athlete Mohammed Al Attar, the two explore the roots and history of the city. Although it’s mainly filled with rooftops, ironically it keeps him grounded and makes him appreciate every adventure he “jumps” or “flips” into.