MASSIVE Chest Workout

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Mike here and I want to show you one my personal favorite chest routines that I use to build a massive thick chest. It’s always been tough for me to build my chest muscles up, until I started to do this workoutt. This routine will develop your overall chest shape, size and add massive amounts of raw muscle in your shoulders and triceps too.

Lets get started.

**Workout breakdown**

Exercise 1 – Flat Bench Press

Exercise 2 – Flat Dumbbell Press

Exercise 3 – Flat Dumbbell Flys

Exercise 4 – Dips

I put these exercises in a specific order to maximize the pump in your chest muscle. We followed that up with flys to expand the overall width of your chest. And trust me when I say your chest is going to blow up if you do this workout consistently, because I’ve seen it happen to dozens of my clients.

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