Dave doing 18 chin-ups in the ‘Hold-Chin-Press’ Challenge on Konkura.com

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Dave doing 18 chin-ups, perfect form in the upper body ‘hold-chin-press’ challenge on http://www.konkura.com . The challenge involves a 15kgs plate hold, maximum 1 rep bench press and maximum continuous chin-ups; it’s a great upper body workout!

Reps Gym Preston presents the ‘Hold – Press – Chin’ Challenge to keep your training focused and motivated over the Christmas period.
This is a three event challenge, the exercises are as follows:-

EVENT 1: Hold a 15kgs plate, at arms length and at chest height, for as long as possible whilst standing upright against a wall.

EVENT 2: Maximum one rep bench press. For the rep to count you must touch your chest and lock arms fully out. No assistance must be given when un-racking and re-racking the barbell.

EVENT 3: Maximum continuous chin-ups. Each rep must see your chin at least level with the bar. Arms must be completely outstretched during the downward motion.

The score is calculated as follows:-
Score = Time of plate hold (seconds) x Weight of 1 rep bench press (kgs) x No. of chin-ups.

Good safe form is a must, and video evidence required.

Take the challenge at http://www.konkura.com/challenge/?uid=26ef153b-f074-4cb9-b032-bee7cc17de5e&t=Reps+Gym+Preston+Hold+-+Press+-+Chin#details


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