fitness exercise

Find out what “biomechanically fit” means. Watch this interesting demonstration of sets of movements – then – why not try these out for yourselves.

Cap Barbell Xodus VKR Chin-Dip

Perform multiple exercises in one unit: Pull ups-Back, Push ups-Chest, Sit ups-Abs, Dips-Triceps, Leg Lifts-Abs, Quads. One of the most popular and versatile benches on the market.

An advanced level exercise, the barbell row targets the large muscles of the back while challenging the core muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the spine. Learn safe and effective methods to perform this exercise, along with common mistakes to watch for.

Enjoy some great performers here – calisthenics always attract viewers when well done. Watch an outstanding performance.

This exercise self instruction video speaks for itself. As all others in this helpful series, you will learn the corret way to get the most benefit.

Here is a great  training video with Chrissy Zmijewski demonstrating several methods to perform a barbell bent over row.

When people get out of shape – they need pointers on how to get back in – or even getting started for the first time. Here is an excellent presentation of how to start getting back into shape.

Watch Kyle Mendoza teach¬†how to perform a RAIL SPRING…. with some progression tools to help those learn the rail spring and be able to learn on their own!

This is hilarious as Con and Niki having fun and being silly during their warmup.

We workout each day for between 60-75 minutes on our most recent quest to show everyday people what it truly takes to transform your mind, body & life through a positive mindset, proper nutrition, and purposeful exercise. This will take 112 days so join us on our journey and help us achieve our goal whilst inspiring millions of people around the planet. We keep it REAL.


Can these exercises build muscle – they sure can. You can certainly keep fit doing what is in this amazing collection.