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Pushups are simple to do and are a great upper body workout for the complete beginner or the advanced bodybuilder. You can get a complete upper body workout by combining these pushups with crunches and pullups, all of which can be done easily at home.

This program was developed by Major Charles Lewis Armstrong to help him prepare to break the world record in pull ups in one set.

Check out this very powerful workout you can do at home. Some people won’t go to a gym – this works out fine for all.  Click here for more six pack abs expert instruction.

Watch this great instructor – Michael Chang – as he demonstrates the correct way to use muscle building gym equipment. Click here for more of Michal Chang’ expert lessons.

Tony Thomas shows a great workout that can help you define your abdominal’s, chest, back, and shoulders. Tony Thomas Sports REV Strength System “Rise of the Superior Athlete” by Tony Thomas Sports Production

Any video by Mike Chang is full of practical instruction. Here you can learn 1 tip you must follow to build huge arms: Click here for more information.



How I went from fat to six pack abs: Click here for the full story. This workout you can do at home and see results fast.


The Parkour srength training series is really one of a kind. You will watch exercises which utilize the available environment.  You can adopt the training to your own particular circumstances  and make it work for you.

The exercises demonstrated in this video are designed to stimulate your thinking and and guide your planning your own exercise routines.  You could use these  for general fitness and even as a variation for stretching exercises.

Watch Parkour trained young men in action. See if you can duplicate these feats.